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About Marafie Playgrounds & Flooring Division

Marafie Playgrounds and Flooring Division is well-known in the market, as a superior in providing the best products’ and services’ quality in this field. This distinction is related to being a division of Al Ryadh Group Company, which consists of big and skilled team provides various but distinguished playgrounds and flooring designs, products and services with focus on safety.

Moreover, Al Ryadh Group Co. through this division executed a big number of dissimilar projects in Kuwait using their field expertise, which became afterwards a reference from the design perspective and safety requirements. Accomplishing our projects professionally, made us achieve this renowned reputation and customers’ trust.

Marafie Playgrounds

The name of Kompan Company, which is considered one of the elite suppliers in the playgrounds field worldwide for more than 40 year, is being associated to Marafie Group in Kuwait from the day they established the playgrounds division. Where the reason behind their continuous success, in Kuwait and all over the world, is their persistent passion to provide playgrounds improve children’s imagination through creating amazing environment, astonishing designs and colors, and grant joy for them in a safe manner, by using sturdy and environmentally friendly materials.

Our Playgrounds have been awarded by many global awards. And one of these is the international agency “Reddot Design”, who awarded our playgrounds for superior innovative design that fits with children’s needs mentally, physically, and psychologically, in addition to quality, user friendly, safety, and longevity.

Flooring & Playground
Flooring & Playground
Flooring & Playground
Flooring & Playground

Marafie Flooring

In addition to playgrounds, we supply premium quality of various types of flooring and materials starting from vinyl flooring by Polyflor Company for indoor sites like: hospitals & clinics, fitness centers, offices, cinema halls…etc. And Rephouse Company that provides interconnected rubber flooring for outdoor sites to protect children who fall in the playgrounds. In addition to outdoor sports yards’ floorings like: Football, basketball, volleyball, and handball fields, in diversified colors and special modern designs as per the international accredited dimensions.

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